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Here, we focus at regular intervals on a training course deserving this special attention. This may be because it is new, because it has so much success that extra courses must be scheduled or because it is socially relevant.

The new ‘Legislation on Private and Particular Security’ took effect on 10 November 2017.


This means that we now work within a new framework, with new authorisations and responsibilities.


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Training sessions in Dutch:

Security guard

Managerial staff*
2017 : 12/12 2017 : 06/12
2018 : 09/01, 13/02, 13/03, 10/04, 08/05, 12/06 2018 : 11/01, 12/03, 17/05


Training sessions in French:​

Security guard Managerial staff*
2017 : 19/12 2017 : 06/12
2018 : 16/01, 20/01, 20/01, 17/04, 15/05, 19/06 2018 : 19/02, 19/04


  • Please note: the eight-hour extra training on the new act for managerial staff will be part of compulsory training if this would occur. This compulsory training is included in the proposal of the new Royal Decree on training courses. This new Royal Decree has not yet been published in the Belgian Official Gazette and may be subject to possible changes.
  • * Day 2 to also obtain the complete extra training certificate for staff to be taken as part of a of a (re-) request of an identification card can be followed on 8 Dec or 22 May(NL) and on 14 Dec or 24 April (FR)


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