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Something to look forward to

Here, we focus at regular intervals on a training course deserving this special attention. This may be because it is new, because it has so much success that extra courses must be scheduled or because it is socially relevant.

Training course ‘Suspicious Behaviour Awareness’

This 4-hour training course aims to increase the awareness for behaviour that is associated with activities in preparation of, for instance, a criminal or terrorist action. The course will focus on, among others:
  • distinction between normal and suspicious behaviour;
  • how perpetrators can mislead us;
  • how we can observe this behaviour;
  • which communication techniques we can apply to confirm or refute suspicious behaviour;
  • how we can counter misleading behaviour. 
The training course ‘Suspicious Behaviour Awareness' is very accessible and can be immediately put into practice by security agents, shop assistants, hospital staff, production workers and administrative personnel. 
A practical manual in pocket size is handed over to all participants as a reference guide to be reminded of the most important aspects and guidelines concerning behavioral analysis. 
After intensive demonstration sessions for our own staff, this training course is now ready down to the last detail for training your staff as well. You can register for our open training courses, the dates of which can be consulted below, or the course can be given in-house in your own company or institution. Please don't hesitate to contact us free of commitment if you wish more information or a quotation. 

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