The first summer of S-Protection – a review

The first summer of S-Protection – a review
October 2018

Earlier this year, SERIS introduced its new affiliated company S-Protection. This security division operates mainly in providing security and safety for festivals, a highly specialised market. The acquisition was important for SERIS in order to extend its expertise to areas in which it had not previously operated, and S-Protection clearly proved an instant success.

‘During my visits to various festivals, I soon realised that this form of security requires lots of specific skills; not only in terms of technical security skills, but certainly also in terms of communication, a people approach, and other human skills. Seldom do you find a location where so many different types of people of different nationalities come together to enjoy themselves in a safe environment,’ says Danny Vandormael, business manager of S-Protection.

Vandormael has been impressed by the way in which the S-Protection team has carried out its assignments. In today’s security climate, it’s not always easy to radiate the necessary calm and stability to give everyone a natural sense of security.


The challenge of supporting the S-Protection team even better starts today!

‘It’s important that we continue to professionalise our festival security more and more and prepare for the coming year. We’re certainly going to make the expertise of all SERIS divisions available to S-Protection. Together, we have more tools up our sleeve (portable cameras, drones with a camera, etc.) to support the S-Protection teams during next year’s festival summer,’  Vandormael continues.


Working at a festival – an opportunity for all SERIS/S-Protection employees.

‘The aim is to give as many employees as possible the chance to work at festivals. Variety and different challenges keep us alert and, moreover, this also makes the work both enjoyable and useful for our colleagues in the field. We will also continue to promote opportunities for SERIS employees to provide festival security with S-Protection,’ Danny Vandormael concludes.