Socially relevant training courses

Socially relevant training courses

Our society evolves. Obviously, this also applies to the threats associated with it. And to our security responsibilities.

Adjusting to the world we live in

People get older than ever and technologies create opportunities that some decades ago we couldn’t even have dreamt of. New discoveries even create serious doubts on the basic principles of some branches of science.

On the other hand, the 21st century also comes with its typical social ailments and it would do us no good to ignore these. Only by keeping our eyes and ears wide open, we can anticipate potential threats. Sure, we live in changing times but one thing never changes: prevention is better than the cure.

How do we manage this? By offering relevant training courses and personalised solutions.

You can always contact us for the following courses, which to the extent possible will be adjusted to everyone’s needs and environment:

  • Dealing with robbery in all industries
  • Dealing with post-traumatic stress
  • Dealing with stress; psychological and social stress at work and burnout
  • Dealing with difficult clients / aggression in all industries
  • Training course leadership and communication / manager of team of security agents
  • Training course crisis management
  • Training course theft prevention / assertiveness / customer-friendliness
  • Dealing with drugs
  • Dealing with home invasion & carjacking
  • Dealing with shop theft
  • Personal security coaching
  • Detecting and dealing with radicalisation
  • How to deal with an active shooter incident
  • Suspicious Behaviour Awareness


Do you want more information about any of these training courses? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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