Day & Night transport

Day and night transport

    Always punctually, around the clock


    SERIS Logistics applies as a standard three delivery shifts through which we carry out continuous day and night transports – one daytime, one early-night and one late-night delivery shift.

    • Our daytime network

    If you want to make use of this delivery shift, you will do so with the purpose and absolute certainty that deliveries will be made during office hours, in a correct and friendly manner.

    • Our early-night network

    If you choose for this delivery shift, you can rest assured that the parcels will be delivered at night and, thus, will be available in the morning, as from 5.30 am. Your promise, our commitment.

    • Our late-night network

    It is perfectly possible that we may but collect your parcel at a (very) late hour. In such events, this delivery shift offers a perfect solution. If we may collect your parcels before midnight, we will make sure that these are delivered before 7.00 am. Just in time 


    Just in time means: working extremely efficiently

    SERIS Logistics has its own warehouses with ideal locations in Vilvoorde and Merelbeke and performs the stock management, collection of orders and packaging of shipments in a very efficient way. Stock management and storage are for us an art in its own right. Working just in time is only possible when you have your acts together. So, we are all very proud of the flexible way in which we manage our stock and of the satisfaction of our customers with our services.

    We handle the following orders, always with utmost care and in a very professional manner:

    • Internal documents and correspondence
    • Confidential documents
    • Various parcels
    • Management of goods storage