Mobile patrol

Patrol surveillance

Reactive capacity thanks to human presence

Many companies take no chances and have their business secured when there are no or but a few members of staff present. Prevention always remains better than the cure. An electronic security system is a good idea but sometimes it appears not to be enough. The trick is to expertly combine human presence, indispensable because of the reactive capacity, with the countless possibilities offered to us by electronics.

A tried and tested recipe

What have decades of experience with security and surveillance learnt us? That preventative guard tours at irregular hours are the best remedy against burglaries. The added value of this formula is evident and undisputed. You can sleep soundly.

As always, we try to meet your specific needs as accurately as possible. The following services are frequently engaged by companies:

  • Guard tours
  • Inspection rounds upon opening and/or closing of business
  • Fire prevention rounds
  • Burglary prevention rounds
  • Inspection rounds for vandalism
  • Perimeter control

In all these forms of patrolling, our security agents are active both inside and outside your company.

Your needs, our purpose

Obviously, we ask you for your goal or goals. As shown by the following list, these may differ considerably depending on the nature of your activities.



Guard tours can, among others,

  • prevent thefts
  • secure secret business processes
  • ensure that your company is closed properly and opened on time
  • check for the presence of persons and/or vehicles on your company premises
  • search for traces of vandalism or damage on account of weather conditions.

Good security agents try to be alert at all times. Our people are aware of the job they have to do and are focussed and in good shape. If something irregular occurs, they will not hesitate to intervene properly, in a professional and conscientious way.

No two situations are identical and our security agents know that. They are used to adjusting tactics and have learnt through in-house training how to work with efficient and innovative technology. Other qualities: clear electronic reporting on the services rendered and, obviously, a confidential handling of the data known to them.