Overall package of security services for US Army – USAG Benelux

Since 2015, SERIS Security warrants the surveillance and security of the US Army military bases in Belgium. In 2018, the contract scope was significantly widened. The transfer of the Belgian defence base in Zutendaal (in the east of the province of Limburg) to the US Army created a need for additional security services.

From the start, a team of about 100 security guards provided a highly professional and continuous service every day. The transfer of this location to the US Army was made possible by the daily follow-up of the local SERIS site manager.

  • Extension of the contract with five years
  • Integrated approach of SERIS Security, Monitoring, Technology and Academy
  • More than 130 SERIS security agents on site
  • Additional vacancies



Our commitment pays off: as from summer 2020, the collaboration agreement with SERIS was extended for another five-year period. Never before, a security contractor had succeeded in renewing its contract. 

This not only confirms our high-quality service, it shows the commitment of every single one of us to contribute to and act as one joint SERIS team. In addition to job security for the next five years, this contract extension also highlights the distinct appreciation of the US Army for our more than 130 on-site security agents.



More specifically, the Americans rely on SERIS’ “Total Security Solutions": a comprehensive set of customer-focussed services provided by our different divisions. 

The decision to retain SERIS is underpinned by the need for an integrated and coherent solution, tailored to the specific risks and expectations. The close cooperation from and expertise of the various divisions ensure a flexible response to the customer’s daily needs.

SERIS Academy organises training courses tailored to the team, ranging from the basic security agent training course to more specific training programmes such as the advanced night-time shooting training. In addition to the electronic and physical security warranted by SERIS Technology, the SERIS Monitoring control room remotely monitors the critical areas of the different locations (24/7).

With this renewed collaboration agreement, the services provided by SERIS Security will, once more, be considerably expanded. For example, dog masters (K9 units) will patrol various locations. For the first time, the team will also include three female dog masters. This extension of our collaboration agreement is a huge boost for the entire SERIS team and proof of our expertise in providing reliable surveillance and security services on strategic sites.

"What strikes me about working with SERIS is the dedication of the security guards and the mutual solidarity. I have rarely known such a close-knit team. This is reflected in the excellent service."
Nils C. Hobbel, Emergency Services COR U.S. Army Garrison Benelux

History of the military base in Zutendaal

In 2016, the US Army decided to reopen a number of depots in Western Europe. The intention was to "pre-position" military equipment, heavy vehicles and ammunition, as it was also done at the height of the Cold War. In this way, American troops can be deployed quickly whenever needed. The base in Zutendaal is one of those depots.

At the end of 2017, the transfer of American personnel and equipment and the recruitment of Belgian employees, including dozens of SERIS Belgium employees, was started. 


Our dogs and agents notice everything that goes on on the terrain.

Everybody who comes near the terrain is verified thoroughly.

High-tech material as an extension of the ears and eyes of our agents.


Our US Army security guards work outdoors in nature and benefit from a versatile job with real responsibility. If you too would like to be part of our strong family, don’t hesitate to apply through www.serisjobs.be.

Do you need customised security, human surveillance services and/or a technological solution covering different security aspects? 

Contact information.security@seris.be for a comprehensive tailor-made solution.