Sport inspires and creates mental rest

June 2018

As the holidays approach ...

Danny Vandormael was a passionate motocross racer for many years. Until the age of eighteen he tinkered on motorbikes and the kick of the jump with the cross-country motorcycle was never far away. But Vandormael was prohibited from motocross racing during his volleyball career on national level. Up to today he still follows this sport with great interest.

A serious blowat the age of thirty-five, a car accident in which someone hit Vandormael, resulting in a serious neck operation, resulted in him not being able to practise sports for more than nine months.

 “The most remarkable feeling during this period was that I no longer had a physical vent. I had more difficulty with the stress and the mental pressure. Sport is much more than recreation. For me it is essential therapy against the professional pressure of everyday. So, after a rehabilitation period of almost a year, I sought a new challenge, so what other than the passion from my youth, the motorbike! I also wanted to prove that there is always a will to fight back and that an accident would not stop me”, says a determined Danny Vandormael.

At the age of fifty, the SERIS CEO thought he should call it a day with this rather dangerous machine that was becoming an increasing risk for life and limb. These days Danny recharges his batteries by running two to three times a week and preferably on the waterline of the Belgian coast. He is also a member of a triathlon club. 


Recharging your batteries is vital now more than ever

“As CEO I realise very well what is required of our employees these days, and I therefore have great respect for them. I recommend everyone to get exercise, if possible. The feeling you get after an exercise session brings rest and often also inspiration. Honestly, I’m often a more pleasant person than I am before running. It empties my head and increases my ability to put things into perspective”,concludes the ardent sportsman.

"As we approach the summer holidays, I can only recommend you to all take part in sports, which is the perfect time to improve or progress your physical and mental health. In this way, it is easier to keep a good condition throughout the year.
On behalf of the whole SERIS team, I wish you a pleasant holiday. ", Concludes Danny Vandormael

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