You too can become an important first aider!

You too can become an important first aider!
September 2017
It is all too often assumed that the responsibility for First Aid solely lies with some individuals who within the company or organisation have been entrusted with this task.
The opposite is true, every person, every colleague can take his/her responsibility here.
Besides, first aid is not solely linked to one’s professional responsibilities.
It has already been proven time and again that also within the private atmosphere an adequate and rapid intervention of persons present can save lives and ensure that injured persons get the right treatment fast.  No emergency service can be at the scene as swiftly as the persons present during the accident.

ECC, first aid of the next generation

Still, today our focus is more on the advanced first aid training, namely the ECC training course.
The “EMERGENCY CASUALTY CARE” training course covers first aid of the next generation and aims for a fast and adequate treatment of more severe injuries that cannot be covered by the basic first aid training and require a higher level of first aid expertise.  Not only following an attack but also after quite banal accidents in one’s professional and private life, knowledge of how to administer first aid for such injuries can really save lives.
It is for this reason that SERIS Academy draws particular attention to this autumn training course and has engaged experienced and professional trainers who can teach you these tools in an easily understandable way.
This 8-hour ECC training course is offered in our SERIS Academy in Diegem on the following dates. 
Obviously, here is well, we can work out a customised offer upon such simple request.
ECC-course in French:
ECC-course in Dutch:
18/09/2017 11/09/2017
13/10/2017 06/10/2017
20/11/2017 10/11/2017
18/12/2017 08/12/2017


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