Integrated security solution for Batopin CASH points

June 2023

SERIS plays a key role in the new network of bank-neutral ATMs across Belgium. The project for this smarter cash network started in mid-2021 and will be fully operational by the end of 2024. In total, this will account for around 750 Bancontact CASH points for which SERIS provides an integrated security solution.

Our Technology colleagues are responsible for the installation and maintenance of cameras, intrusion and access control systems, with the helpdesk providing the necessary technical support and analysis. In addition, our operators monitor everything in the control room and follow up all alarms. In turn, our mobile security agents capture the interventions after alarms and grant third-party access to the site(s). For long-term assignments, our static agents will oversee the monitoring of the site. In the interim, we stay in close contact with Batopin's management to optimise technological innovation with AI systems and intelligent video.