Keep a clear overview

Seris Technology offers technological support to security concepts.

Think of access control, burglary protection or perimeter security, but also of fire detection or video surveillance. Also our service desk plays a central part as your first point of contact.

The technological innovations in the field of security have become almost impossible to grasp for laymen. Besides, we can think of numerous situations that require the integration of systems; think, for instance, of burglary protection in combination with fire detection and access control.  Finally, it is recommended to install a system or systems that still have growth potential.

In such complex constellations, you need a partner who keeps a clear overview. Seris Technology is such a partner. We have been certified by IBZ and INCERT and work with BOSEC-certified systems. Furthermore, Seris obtained IQnetSR10 and ISO14001 certification. In plain language: Seris Technology ensures top quality and comprehensive professional expertise.

We have many years of experience, listen to you with an open mind and think along with you. More is possible than you may think. You only need to ask us.

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