SERIS Security Offers Free Training for Security Guards

May 2024

Security Guard is One of 46 'Severe Statistical Shortage' Occupations in 2024, Says VDAB. SERIS Security aims to change this with a new initiative: offering free training for security guards. After a screening process, SERIS invites candidates to join the classrooms of the SERIS Academy. In early April, SERIS Security opened this approach to 15 fortunate individuals. "Many more applied," reveals Hans Ternoot, HR Director at SERIS Security. The training began in early May.

Years of Searching
SERIS Security, one of the largest security specialists in Belgium, has been continuously searching for new employees across the country for several years. SERIS primarily seeks security guards but also alarm center operators, project managers, installers, technical profiles, and IT specialists. This mix reflects the development of the company and the sector. The search for (armed) security guards and alarm system installers has been particularly challenging.

Severe Statistical Shortage Occupation
Despite economic uncertainty and employer caution, the labor market remains very tight for many profiles. The 2024 VDAB shortage occupation list includes 241 occupations: seven more than last year. Of these 241, 46 are classified by VDAB as 'severe statistical shortage occupations,' with security guard being one of them.

Free Training as a Solution
"Many candidates drop out because the mandatory licenses require training, which demands a certain effort, both in terms of time and finances," Ternoot observes. The 'General Competency Certificate for Security Guard' training can cost over 1000 euros per candidate. SERIS Security aims to remove this barrier by offering the training for free.

"If this initiative proves successful, we aim to eventually open this approach to a broader group of candidates." 

Hans Ternoot: HR Director at SERIS Security

  SERIS Security bewakingsagente SERIS Security bewakingsagent


A Unique Opportunity
The training is an excellent opportunity for those looking to change their professional life. During this six-week, completely free course, SERIS prepares candidates for their new role as security guards. After the training, they can immediately start working for one of SERIS Security's many highly regarded clients. These are all exciting work environments where they can immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills. The training began in early May. Interested individuals are invited to keep an eye on for the next opportunity.

Connection Through Training
SERIS Security seems to be taking a calculated risk with this approach. With the certificate they issue after the training, candidates can, in principle, also work for other security firms. "In the long term, that risk is relatively limited," estimates Hans Ternoot, "because the training gives us a first chance to build a strong bond with future SERIS security guards. With our dynamic and training-oriented corporate culture, I am confident that we will succeed."

4,000 Training Days Per Year
Providing training is not new to SERIS Security. Annually, about 4,000 formal training days are provided for employees. "That strong focus on training really pays off," he adds. "Not only do our customers consistently indicate that our teams truly make a difference, but we also have the highest retention levels in our sector. Our HR policy also earned us the title of second most attractive employer in Belgium according to Randstad in 2021."


"Our training programs ensure that employees can continue to perform their jobs optimally. They also provide opportunities for career growth within the company, whether advancing to leadership roles or expanding job content towards mobile surveillance, alarm center operation, and more. And that's precisely what we aim to achieve." 
Christophe Segaert, CEO SERIS Security 
Christophe Segaert - CEO SERIS benelux

On-the-Job Follow-Up Training
Candidates who obtain the basic certificate are also provided with further on-the-job training by SERIS Security. The role of a security guard has significantly evolved over the past few years. Social skills and communication abilities, for instance, play an increasingly important role. “Our agents are often the first point of contact for our clients. Therefore, it is important that they possess the qualities to handle visitors appropriately in any situation. We have an extensive internal training program, where we work with professional actors to simulate various challenging situations, equipping new agents with the right attitude to enter the field,” says Ternoot.