Social distancing solutions

Social distancing oplossingen op maat

Situations where it is necessary to keep a safe distance from each other are going to be part of our future. A pandemic can emerge suddenly, and in that case it is essential to react appropriately.

That’s why SERIS has developed some social distancing solutions which can be tailored as required. All our departments are involved in this. The various services are complementary and together they form a total security concept, including keeping a safe distance for individuals in various situations.



Technological aids can help to regulate entry control in order to prevent the spread of a potential virus as much as possible. 

This ranges from keeping track of the number of persons in relation to the available space to checking certain features and tracing the people with whom a certain person has had contact. If necessary, the security guards who are present are called upon to take action.


Real-time occupation 
  • Counting the number of persons present (in and out)
  • Automatic closure or opening of entry doors
  • Notifications via a green or red screen
  • Computerisation for reports, notifications, etc.
Temperature controle
  • Taking body temperature
  • Both free flow and individually
  • Notifications via a green or red screen
  • Computerisation for entry, notifications, etc.
Surgical mask detection
  • Face screening
  • Detection of whether or not a person is wearing a protective mask
  • Signal for security guards in case of problems  

Queue detection 
  • Detecting the length of a queue
  • Detecting the social distancing of people in the queue
  • Alert security guards if intervention is required

Contact tracing & tracking
  • Following people via cameras
  • Identifying specific contacts if further follow-up is required

Crowd Control
  • Monitoring beaches, squares, high streets, shopping centres, and company premises
  • Detecting group formation
  • Notification via audible messages, reports, etc.


Technological equipment 

Technological aids to achieve the above aims comprise:

  • Contactless entry control tools
  • Intelligent network cameras (On the Edge – Centrally) thermal or otherwise or a combination
  • Video Management Systems (VMS)
  • Video Content Analysis (VCA)
  • Reference points (black body)
  • Visual and audible feedback (digital signs)
  • Tailored work, depending on your needs and scope


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* The use and application of these systems should be in accordance with applicable data protection laws.