Access control

A safe environment for visitors and personnel

If the mere loss of a key may have significant consequences for your business, you already have one valid reason for considering an access control system.

Burglary protection secures during the night, after closure. Access control secures during the day, while the building is open. It regulates the movement of persons according to the customer’s wishes, without human intervention. The system identifies every person in the building, controls and remembers all movements and alerts in case of anomalies.

Identification is possible by way of a simple card or badge or can be combined with a code. High-risk applications on the other make use of biometric solutions such as iris, fingerprint or palm scanners.

Seris Technology works with well-known, reliable brands. We have solid solutions, for simple installations with but a few doors over enterprise systems to multi-site solutions using LAN or WAN technology.  We also offer redundancy or clustering options.

Many customers already make use of the joint strength and improved user-friendliness of seamlessly integrated systems with intrusion detection, fire detection and a comprehensive set of state-of-the-art digital cameras.

A selection of our offer:

  • Special options for every industrial application
  • A versatile range of products
  • Full scalability for supporting future expansion(s)
  • Video integration (CCTV-installations), from small to multi-site solutions
  • Open integration
  • Seamlessly integrated systems with fire detection, CCTV-surveillance and burglary protection


Un environnement sûr pour les visiteurs et les collaborateurs grâce au contrôle d'accès     Un environnement sûr pour les visiteurs et les collaborateurs grâce au contrôle d'accès