SERIS underlines the importance of being close to its people during its second 'Night of the agent' this year

October 2023

As a family business, SERIS makes a difference through its commitment to its colleagues operating on the field. That is why, for the second time this year, our management organised the 'Night of the agent' where they visit a whole number of security agents on duty at more than 20 different locations. The concept was a little different this year, because it became both the 'Day' and the 'Night of the agent' to include day shifts also.

In our sector, it is extremely important to stay in touch with our people and the business in order to be able to continue to optimise our services and raise our customer satisfaction to the highest level. Cooperation, proximity and team spirit enable a true synergy of skills and personalised and adapted support for our customers.

Respect for the job

The reason why SERIS organizes this 'Night of the agent' is because we want to give the social role of security agents the attention it deserves. After all, every day our agents combine different skills, which is not as obvious as it seems. They not only ensure the safety of our customers, but are also the point of contact for visitors and, if necessary, the emergency services. Their well-being ensures the quality of our services, which is why we insist on interacting and listening to them.

We are extremely proud of the motivation, enthusiasm and conscientiousness that our people show every day on the job!