Training ‘GDPR in Security Practice’

Training ‘GDPR in Security Practice’
December 2019

New course beginning of 2020 'GDPR in Security Practice'

As announced, SERIS Academy will launch a series of new courses in 2020 to support you even better in your professional activities. As the first new course in this series, we will launch our 'GDPR in Security Practice' course at the beginning of 2020, a practical workshop on the application of new privacy guidelines in the private security sector.


GDPR in private security

As a manager of a security company or a company that installs alarm and camera systems, you have been hearing about the GDPR for two years now. You work within a security or installation company and your superior has asked you to ensure that your department works in accordance with the GDPR. You wonder what the GDPR is really about and would like to find out more.

The problem, however, is: how do you get started? After all, you don't have a battery of lawyers or IT specialists who can support you in this.

In recent years much has been said and written about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Almost every training institution offers general training on this subject and consultants are tumbling over each other to assist companies in the GDPR difficult task that awaits them.

At SERIS Academy we are convinced that with a two-day course we can teach you the basic principles of the GDPR, so that you can lay the foundation within your own company. But above all, we teach you the principles of the GDPR while we explain it using concrete examples from the private security sector. No general theoretical explanation, but directly related to the questions we encounter in everyday practice. Moreover, a large part of our time is reserved for working together on real GDPR documentation in the form of a workshop, so that you step outside after the course with immediately usable tools.


Educational objectives

The aim of this course is to provide participants with basic knowledge of the GDPR, its principles and specific applications.


  • Importance of the GDPR: old vs. new regulations, scope, topicality
  • Legal framework based on concepts in monitoring and security: legal texts, basic concepts, roles, compliancy, rights of the data subject
  • Data protection: preventing data leaks, reference standards
  • Issues in the surveillance and security sector: role of the security firm or installer, interaction with the law on private security, HR issues, cameras, etc.
  • Practical step-by-step plan and tools: project management, data register, privacy notice, data leak management, DPIA


Target audience:

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the private security sector looking for a concrete roadmap to GDPR compliance. 

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