Job in surveillance and security is exciting yet the vacancies are unfilled!

Job in surveillance and security is exciting yet the vacancies are unfilled!
October 2018

SERIS Belgium has over 2000 employees. The surveillance and security sector has taken on an increasingly important dimension since the terrorist attacks in our country. People still very often get the wrong impression of a security guard with the result that SERIS alone has about eighty unfilled vacancies. There are very good reasons why the Law on Private and Particular Security has been updated after twenty-seven years.

‘The image, or at least the perception, of jobs in our sector is dull and monotonous on the one hand and with a good dose of Rambo on the other. Neither perception is correct. Nowadays, our security guards and staff need considerably more skills than about ten years ago. IT skills, languages, adequate communication, technical skills, and the ability to identify with the client’s security procedures are just a few examples. The job is exciting and it does offer career opportunities for those who are commited,’ says Robert Vanderhoydonc, HR director of SERIS.

Apart from its security specialities such as armed assignmentshound masters, mobile security, and personal protection, SERIS also has a prominent technology division. Yet here, too, several vacancies remain unfilled.

There are certainly career opportunities at SERIS!

‘Unfortunately, people are still largely unaware that it is possible to build a career within our SERIS family, in terms of both job content and the ability and desire to accept responsibility. The various areas of expertise at SERIS mean that people can learn and develop their careers with us over time and retrain to work in a different division. We offer our employees scores of training opportunities.  After all, the quality of our service depends on our employees’ knowledge,’ Vanderhoydonc continues.

The main reasons why people leave are the flexible working hours, night and weekend work, and the distances between home and work. However, that sort of work is more highly paid. Once people realise how exciting the job is, those obstacles soon disappear. 


A good security guard or security worker never falls into a routine.

‘A good employee in our sector never falls into a routine. Routine means loss of quality and alertness. He or she radiates authority when necessary, is helpful when required, has good judgement, and is stress-resilient. And so, a security guard most certainly is an exciting job!’ the SERIS HR Manager concludes.

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