The most important aspect of SERIS Technology? The people of course!

June 2018

Christophe Voets, “new person in charge” of SERIS Technology, but not really new at SERIS?

It’s true that I carried out an operational task at SERIS Monitoring, namely the move from the old to the new location. It seems simple, but in order to bring this important move to a favourable conclusion, while the department remained fully operational, we pulled out all the stops in a very strict and professional way with a whole team. Since my education at the Royal Military School, where I studied at the polytechnic faculty (i.e. civil engineer), it soon became clear to me that an optimum result can only be reached through respect for and the combination of people and technology. We are living in 2018; the perception that technical profiles are nerds is a thing of the past. Economic reality and optimum people management are the heart of success for us too.


Where did you get this passion for technology, at first glance “boring” matter?

My passion lies in the combination of people and technology. At SERIS Technology the spirit is that everyone who contributes to the result deserves an equal amount of respect and appreciation, from the service technicians up to the entire administration and the operational staff to the management. Those who think that they are more important than other colleagues don’t belong at SERIS Technology. It’s of course true that this climate requires an effort day after day. Necessary ingredients for this are respect and honesty, professionalism and knowledge, the right attitude and use of language, collegiality and especially pride in our job.


Where do you want to be with the SERIS technology division in two years?

These days, technology is experiencing an increasing dimension. What is the main issue: our right to privacy or feeling safe? The answer is a probably a good balance of both. But we are still living in an intermediate period with the idea “for me, safety is most important as long as they don’t film me and they respect my privacy”. This is where the technological evolution is facing a major challenge. Naturally, we want to remain the market leader with SERIS Technology and our division has the right knowledge, motivated employees and products for this. But in addition, it’s equally important to me that each colleague of our division can be proud of what he or she contributes to the end result. And I mean this; you can never provide an – optimum service without valuing your team. The involvement of each of us must even more become the spirit of SERIS Technology. And yes, every time I utter the word “technology” I also want to express the word colleague. This way we will be able to offer a suitable solution to the steady development of safety via technology.

If the “security of tomorrow” is determined by technology, will the people disappear?

How can people disappear?! They are at the helm of technology. Furthermore, I personally find that you don’t have to sell technology any more these days. Thinking along with your customer and empathising with his or her situation and needs is our core business. Unburdening our customers isn’t a hollow value, but an objective day in day out. Try telling me how you can do this without people? Impossible!


Where does SERIS Technology make a difference on the market?

To put it simply, but always with a continuous investment in people and product: “we distinguish ourselves on the market because we at SERIS can carry out security and surveillance from A to Z. A total security concept is still the best guarantee for safety.


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