Not a job, a passion

May 2021

International firefighters' day

On May 4th, it’s “International Firefighters’ Day”, of which a blue-red ribbon is a traditional symbol. For a fireman or firewoman to do their job successfully, a strong motivation is required first and foremost. It is a physical job, where the ability to assess situations quickly, to make decisions that are not always obvious and to operate under high pressure is a prerequisite. Firemen and firewomen are frontline aid workers. Their intervention often makes an enormous difference for casualties, and therefore, they deserve our full attention on this international firefighters’ day! 

Preventing and fighting fires are an integral part of the core business of a security company like SERIS. It is therefore not surprising that our clients regularly need security guards who have been trained as professional firefighters.

Our colleague Michiel is such a multi-skilled security guard and fireman. In this capacity, he has been working for almost 1.5 years for our client Audi-Brussels. He carries out preventive inspections rounds on the business premises, monitors security and intervenes whenever necessary.

I have a very exciting and fascinating job as a multi-skilled security guard and fireman on the Audi-Brussels site! My job is my passion, no doubt about that. In my leisure time, I am also active as volunteer firefighter for the zone Flemish Brabant East. When you catch the bug, it won’t leave you alone!

Would you also like to work as a security guard and firefighter at SERIS Security?

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