E-Cloud Track

E-cloud track

Registration monitoring and stock-taking of logistic flow

The Seris e-cloud track is a CMR1 automation project structuring in a truly innovative way the management of on-site in- & outbound flows and plant-to-plant transports.

This solution automates the complete logistic flow through registration monitoring and by keeping an inventory of all data and requirements. Result: complete ‘live’ transparency towards users throughout the whole process.


Logistic and structural problems such as mentioned below are past history:

  • Carriers arriving on the scheduled day or in the scheduled week whenever it suits them
  • Unexpected waiting times at the security lodge on account of an internal traffic flow congestion (on-site traffic, loading and unloading times strongly deviating from the planning on account of the cargo composition, deviating stocks or the type of trailer with which the transport is carried out)
  • Congested traffic at the main entrance because of long waiting times resulting in trucks standing still and parking on the public road
  • Warehouse personnel regularly performing overtime hours at the end of the day so as to be able to load or unload all waiting trucks
  • Linguistic confusion because the truck driver speaks another language
  • ...

The overall Seris e-cloud track concept now offers you the perfect solution for all these shortcomings.

The e-cloud track solution has numerous benefits:

  • Optimisation of on-site transport for loading and unloading
  • 24/7 availability 
  • Live monitoring of the heartbeat of hardware and process flow from the Seris monitoring centre
  • Welcoming in language of user/driver (± 15 languages)
  • Multi-customer/multi-site solution
  • Interface geared to ERP/WMS/security systems


This solution can also be combined with our e-cloud visitor. This device stands for a new approach for the reception of visitors and contractors, for handling special transports such as aerial work platforms and waste containers and for managing the collection and delivery of parcels.

 E-cloud track flow


  1. The truck driver logs on to the registration kiosk at the entrance of the company; a QR code is printed for easy identification during the further process.
  2. A led display at the front of the car park for waiting trucks indicates when the truck may actually enter via the gate assigned to it.  As such, an early or delayed access is indicated.  The driver also receives an SMS message.
  3. At the site entrance, an entry kiosk is installed at which the QR-code is scanned in order to gain access to the site and to the gates.
  4. At the gate kiosk, the driver identifies himself by scanning his QR-code – thus updating the flow status. After the loading or unloading of the truck, this action is registered using the ERP/warehouse management system. If goods are being collected, also the CMR documents are printed at the gate kiosk or at a separate printing kiosk near the exit area (for multi-gate loading sites).
  5. Once the QR code has been scanned at the exit kiosk, the truck is allowed to leave the site. 

[1] Convention for the International Carriage of Goods by Road; applicable to cross-border transports from or to a country that ratified the Convention.