Group guarding

Consortium surveillance

Security does not need to be expensive

What if we would ensure the security of a whole area or neighbourhood? If you and your neighbours join forces, you will already go a long way. We will readily organise a surveillance consortium for companies or residential houses that want to join forces. In exchange for a very limited investment, you will achieve the security that today you cannot really do without.

A collective initiative automatically creates synergies and economies of scale. Everyone wins, only miscreants loose. As such, you can participate in making a whole industrial estate or residential area safe. The benefits are numerous:

- prevention of criminal behaviour

- deterrent effect

- short lines of communication with police forces

- swift response in case of a calamity


Fiscal benefit

Also the government is concerned about your security. It offers a great deal of fiscal opportunities

  • for self-employed persons who wish to secure their professional assets
  • for small- and medium-sized companies who wish to increase the security in their offices or workshops
  • for independent professionals who wish to feel secure in their working environment.

The costs that you make for securing your professional environment by engaging security and/or surveillance services can be deducted as professional costs, not for 100% but for 120%.

Which services entitle to a 120% reduction?

- subscription costs for joining a licensed alarm centre

- costs that you make by engaging a licensed security company for secured transport (collection of dye packs)

- costs associated with the joint engaging of a licensed security company by a group of companies: consortium surveillance.