The Private Security industry has been upgraded !

The Private Security industry has been upgraded !
December 2017
Time flies. I still remember my end-of-year message from last year. At that time, my feelings were full of anger and resistance against all evil.


Today, exactly one year later, I am experiencing an important revolution. Our society still needs to be alert because of some madmen who, under the guise of religious or other pretexts, want to spread fear and suffering. We are still living at safety level 3 by the way. I am convinced that a normal society with respect for one another will overcome these negative forces as well.


Today, we strongly feel that all possible emergency and security services cooperate as such so we can feel as safely as possible in our society. This is where our industry, Private Security, has found an important new dimension. 27 years after the ‘Tobback law’ of 1990, on 2 October last the new “Legislation on the Private and Special Security” was signed by the king. The new law provides for some extra tasks and additional powers. Personally, I call it phase 1 because I am convinced that even more and deeper cooperation possibilities can be realised. But there is the right time for everything.


Because of these new opportunities, we will be facing major challenges in 2018. Our industry must strive for even more security partnerships with the customer. Only then can an optimal tailor-made security policy be realized. I sincerely hope that together we can take on these challenges and I would like to thank everyone for their trust and special commitment.


In the name of the entire SERIS management, I wish you a beautiful and safe holiday season and a prosperous, but especially healthy 2018!


Danny Vandormael
CEO SERIS Belgium & Netherland



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