S-Soc - Security Operations Center

State-of-the-art technology on wheels

During an incident or event, the fully equipped Security Operations Centre of SERIS is the nerve centre where crucial decisions are taken on the spot. The truck is fitted out with high-tech equipment that meets the most recent standards.

The command truck meets all requirements and allows for state-of-the-art operations, whatever the situational circumstances:

  • Commando post Operations (CP OPS)
  • Dispatching – Transmission center - communication center
  • Crisis management center
  • Crowd management center
  • Logistic support center
  • Videoroom support
  • Crisis warehousing
  • Knowledge center
  • Controlroom
  • S-Drone control center




Adjustable and multi-deployable

  • +3.5 tonne – 3.25m high – 11.5m long – 2.21m wide
  • United Power Supplies in case of power interruptions
  • Software applications adjustable to the specific situation
  • Equipped with meeting table or flexible workplaces
  • Separate / redundant / paired LAN network
  • High-end camera technology
  • Virtual perimeter detection of outside environment
  • Monitored burglary, vibration and fire detection
  • Ergonomic features: dimmable LED lighting, air conditioning, heating, blinds, etc.
  • Dispatch application with push-to-talk combined with app for smartphone


High-tech multi-purpose command centre

To ensure the best possible communication in the Security Operations Centre, we opted for a dispatch application with the possibility to use a push-to-talk system, including the recording of all conversations.  We also offer the possibility to exchange messages and photographs between operator and field agent.  This communication may entail one-on-one communication or group messages. Every available smartphone can be equipped with an app and added to the network.

To ensure the stability and a good network infrastructure, we worked together with Proximus and Orange, which ensure connectivity with the best available mast through roaming.  

This stable internet connection is crucial. It is at all times possible to retrieve and display live images on any of the screens in the command vehicle. These images can among others be used to identify suspicious situations or assess the actual scope of a situation.


The Security Operations Centre will be used as nerve centre for major expected or unexpected incidents, such as on-call crisis situations, disasters, major events... and can be made available to police services, public transport companies, emergency services, multinational companies… The vehicle will act as a command post operations (CP OPS) centre under the management of the competent police service, for instance upon a bomb alarm, in case of fire, as a prevention tool on major events, etc.

Image capturing and command post management

During planned or large-scale events, all images from fixed or mobile cameras can be relayed to the mobile video room. On publically accessible locations, the competent police service will manage the operations and supervise the local operators. 


Do you wish to use our command vehicle for surveillance or security operations? Contact us on +32 (0)2 254 28 11 or by e-mail