SCOOP : SERIS Security leads the way in drone security in Belgium

Scoop : SERIS Security leads the way in drone security in Belgium
May 2018

As of June 2018, drones will be used to guard Drone Port in Brustem. SERIS Security, together with its partners  Drone Port, Drone Matrix, Willemen Group, Sint Truiden City Council, and the local police and fire brigade, is at the forefront of this project. Security using drones is a milestone indicating what maximum security will look like in the near future.  

‘Constant innovation lies at the heart of our SERIS security strategy. Moreover, assessing potential dangers constantly is also important and the general social climate as regards safety has changed completely. To provide an adequate answer, it’s absolutely essential to combine human resources and technology,’ says Peter Verpoort, division manager of SERIS Security and Monitoring.

‘That means specifically that, as of June 2018, Drone Port in Brustem will also be guarded by patrol drones; the eventual aim is for those drones to carry out assignments automatically. These drones are programmed to patrol and observe independently. This means that images can be streamed to our control room,’ Peter Verpoort continues.


Drones will not replace security officers

For SERIS Security it is quite clear that drones cannot replace security officers. However, drones do give security officers extra eyes to provide better security for the site in question.

Peter Verpoort comments:‘Drones are not human robots which can take over all the tasks done by security officers, and that’s certainly not the idea in any case. However, drones do give our security officers more options in improving and guaranteeing security on site. Moreover, we also have to consider clients and take account of economic reality. Multiplying numbers of security officers on site isn’t always the answer and here the right balance between human resources and technology offers the ideal solution. The reality is that even lots of current vacancies are not being filled.’ 


Drones will soon be significant for many new jobs

In 2019, the new European drone legislation comes into force. It is possible that security using drones will then gain momentum. That will obviously lead to a significant increase in employment.

Danny Vandormael, CEO of SERIS, concludes:‘For SERIS the innovation of our core business goes together with our mission for Socially Responsible Enterprise. At this point an increase in employment is a highly significant goal. We want to be ready now to do whatever is permissible. This will benefit both security and job creation.’ 


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