SERIS Security guard saves young couple from aggressive attack!

SERIS Security guard saves young couple from aggressive attack!
January 2018
On the way to his nightly mobile surveillance task, a SERIS security guard was the first-hand witness of an aggressive incident. A young couple was being beaten up by two people. The security guard stopped immediately and took responsibility to protect the couple and to call the emergency services. The incident took place on the public road and the perpetrators were identified.
Private security offers more social control
“It’s very important that our security guard prevented worse for this young couple. Security guards often have specific routes and orders, but are also very aware of what is going on or could happen publically. Due to the new private safety legislation and the corresponding closer cooperation between public and private security, the main objective is increasing the feeling of the safety of civilians. Neither the police, nor private guards can be everywhere at once, but optimum cooperation does promote the safety culture”, according to SERIS CEO Danny Vandormael.
Keep investing in training
“There are no more secrets in the quality of private security for me. Our people are continuously trained so they are always up-to-date. This goes beyond the statutory training. Dealing with aggression, detecting radicalisation, verbal and non-verbal behaviour and thorough first aid training are just a few examples. The citizen must realise that, apart from officials responsible for public order, private security forces have an important role to fulfil.” concludes Vandormael.

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