October 2023

Serge Lazareff Award

The Serge Lazareff Award is given to those whose work has proved outstanding and helpful for the support and/or development of the knowledge of the NATO legal situations and NATO legal work, in line with the various governing treaties and/or in relation to operations led by NATO and the activities of NATO as an international organisation. 

This prize refers to the life and work of Mr Lazareff for the benefit of NATO and is a recognition for all those who, through their extraordinary contribution to NATO’s legal activities, are an example for both present and future generations.

During his exceptional life, Serge Lazareff combined brilliant intelligence with a hard work ethic. And so, SHAPE employees are fully encouraged to follow his example. 

Award presented to 3 SERIS security guards 

“This is an official reward for the daily efforts of our staff at SHAPE and proof of the importance of security guards at a military base. They ensure that soldiers at the base can concentrate on their core business, and this is clearly appreciated. This recognition makes me as CEO particularly proud. Hearty congratulations to Daniel D’Angelo, Pascal Feuillebois and Philippe Lenaerts for their outstanding work at SHAPE!", Christophe Segaert, CEO SERIS BeNeLux.


SHAPE is an abbreviation for Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe. It is the central command centre of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Since 1967, SHAPE has been located in Casteau, near Mons, in the province of Hainaut. SERIS has had security guards in service at SHAPE for years.