Team Technology wins fair play cup at Hercules Trophy

June 2023

On Saturday 24 June, a team from our Technology leg took part in the Hercules Trophy that went on at the De Nekker recreation park in Mechelen. This team-building competition consists of the '12 works of Hercules' in which company teams of 5 to 7 colleagues compete against each other. A bright sun and extremely high temperatures that day, but that didn't stop our team from delivering excellent work! After all, they got to go home with the fair play cup - talk about teamwork and collegiality!

Our team tackled every challenge with the motto "where there is a will there is a way", and they went down that road together as a close-knit team, because only by helping each other could you achieve the desired end result. That's the (team) spirit, and there was no shortage of atmosphere!

"Top-notch organisation with all the trimmings and a great atmosphere from start to finish. It really was a fantastic team experience that will no doubt further enhance the working atmosphere. If it is up to me, we will definitely participate again next year. Highly recommended!"

Kevin Tulpinck, Project Manager - SERIS Technology

Team spirit: using individual talent to enhance collective performance

Our business requires constant interaction and teamwork, this is why we are happy to encourage participation in such team initiatives. Our strength lies after all in the diversity and complementarity of our talents. Collaboration, proximity and team spirit allow for a real synergy of skills and personalized and adapted support for our clients.

"A really fun experience! A good way to get to know each other better in different circumstances! And of course I am also very proud that our team managed to win the fair play cup."

Patrick Naze, COO - SERIS Technology