Personal alarm

Personal alarm 

More than a feelingsuivi des alarmes personnelles pour les particuliers et les entreprises

With a personal alarm, nobody feels really alone anymore. As many of our products and services, this service also addresses both private customers and companies. And, as always, we offer our customers plenty of options. What is really important, is that it is about more than a feeling of security. Together with you, we establish a protocol that we will strictly adhere to. Obviously, it is up to you to decide which protocol is most suited to your situation or that of your loved ones and how far you want to take this.

You are not alone in this

People working alone on hazardous locations but also elderly people or joggers who wish to protect their physical integrity to the maximum extent possible: they all benefit from a personal alarm. SERIS Monitoring offers various solutions for personal alarm monitoring. Do you want that your location is displayed at the touch of a button? Do you prefer a silent alarm? Do you want a specific fall detection system? All is possible. One touch of a button suffices to initiate an agreed upon procedure. At that time, we establish contact to assess the situation and offer our assistance.

Apart from the many options according to the customer’s wishes, we also offer an overall concept entailing both the connection to our control centre and the rent for the device.


suivi des alarmes personnelles pour les particuliers et les entreprises