Static guarding

Static surveillance

Static surveillance entails the frequent presence of a security agent

The term ‘static surveillance’ is specialist jargon, which stands for: the frequent, sometimes even permanent presence of our security agent or agents at a location agreed upon with the customer.

We distinguish five types of static surveillance.


Sécurité et gardiennage sur place1. On-site security and surveillance

Obviously, the purpose is increasing security. Our security agents have received special training for this and can warrant its realisation by watching cameras and operating electronic panels and through access control management, reception of visitors, conflict handling and on-site guard tours.

As for the frequency of such guard tours, we’ll be pleased to advise and assist you, but in the end it’s you who will cut the knots.  If you want to change this frequency, for whatever reason, we can always talk about this.


Gardiennage statique dans les magasins de détail et les lieux publics2. Retail and public spaces

With this formula, our agents will be present in your business, either clearly visible in their characteristic uniform or discretely in civilian clothes. This type of security agent is specifically trained in detecting suspicious behaviour. He or she observes and follows persons behaving suspiciously, either in the shop itself or by way of a camera surveillance system. Our security agent only intervenes when an actual offence has been established.



3. Surveillance with dog

Possibly, you already have good experiences with a security agent but you now want to increase your security perimeter. Security agent and dog are a perfectly attuned team; continuous intensive training clearly pays off. There can be no doubt that surveillance with a dog will increase your security to the next level.

We even have dogs available that have been specifically trained for detecting explosives. The extremely well-developed sense of smell of these dogs, expertly trained, ensures that even in the most extreme circumstances they can successfully sweep buildings and detect explosives, wherever these may have been hidden.



4. Ensuring security during events (except for dance events)Assurer le gardiennage statique et la sécurité lors d'évènements

There is so much to worry about when organising an event that you can confidently leave its security to us: it will only increase your chances of a successful event. When it comes to security, we gladly take over the overall management.

Our security agents check the entrances and guests; they secure the building, both inside and outside, and watch over the security of the parking lot by setting up and executing guard tours.

Considering their specific character, dance events are not covered by this service.


5. Special assignmentsGardiennage statique : sécurité et gardiennage portuaire par des agents formés à l'ISPS

Special assignments are usually carried out at the request of and according to the specific requirements of customers. This may range from ensuring the security of VIPs over Diplomatic Security Services up to ISPS-trained security agents (International Ship and Port Facility Security).