Video Monitoring

Video monitoring

Knowledge is power

We talk about video monitoring as soon as an alarm system has been equipped with cameras. Video monitoring is quick, which is undeniably a great advantage. It is also easy to combine with and integrate into another alarm system. This ensures that crucial information is transmitted in a flash: exactly what you want in case of an alarm or incident. Thanks to images that are available 24/7, appropriate and adequate actions can be taken.


Le vidéo monitoring et la vidéosurveillance à distance — un système d'alarme pourvu de caméras

Monitoring: we keep a clear overview

Today, most customers – both companies and private individuals – already have a camera and internet connection. So, no or only little additional costs are required: the connection to our control room is made in an instant.

Obviously, there are numerous video systems – Milestone, Dahua, Hikvision, Sefica, Samsung, Sony, Vanguard, you name it – but that is no big deal for Seris because we can make use of a multi-protocol video platform. This allows us to receive images from most commonly available video systems.