Surveillance and security with S-Drones

More versatile and safer than ever

Drones are on the rise. Also in the security industry. They are versatile and cost-efficient and therefore the ideal partner in patrols and interventions.

SERIS S-Drones are on the spot fast and see more. The options for private and public purposes are endless.

SERIS are using their S-Drones across the country to act preventively, reactively and for detection purposes for infrastructures, goods and people.


Total Security is in our DNA

Man and technology go hand in hand. Drones take over where we face human limitations.

S-drones shed light on a site from a helicopter view. This gives us an overall image of a situation. This is called ‘situational awareness’. Furthermore, our unmanned aircrafts or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) do not put security guards and auxiliary staff into unnecessary danger.

As soon as the drone is on the spot, it captures the specific situation from a predetermined flight path with critical positions. The device sends the images to the radio room. Here our operators assess them in all safety via remote monitoring. Via Video Content Analysis (VCA) this is done fast and effectively.



Always up-to-date

UAV technology is evolving super-fast. We are following the latest developments closely and are constantly keeping our S-Drone fleet up-to-date. We make optimum use of our devices. This enables us to write them off sooner and work on site with the most recent technology.

The technological evolution of unmanned aerial vehicles is constantly testing the legal framework.  SERIS advises the minister responsible from a role of pioneer in the sector. If the rules change, we immediately adapt.





Endless solutions

a selection of our services:

  • Preventive patrols on industrial estates. If the radio room observes something abnormal, the security guards are supported by our S-drones.
  • Goods monitoring on sites. Theft of goods, such as copper or valuable finishing materials is a serious problem. S-Drones are on the spot quickly and give a broader view of the site situation. This enables the security guard to know immediately where the area of action is.
  • Identification of the perpetrators in case of a burglary, for a better overview and additional protection of the intervening teams.
  • Multi-drones: on larger sites we can combine several drones to provide various angles (e.g. in case of fire, site thefts, etc.).
  • Protection of public spaces where we support police, fire department and civil defence. We provide the devices, knowhow and imagery. The responsible authorities then assess the images.