S-Mobility - Parking & Flow Management

S-Mobility powerful tools to manage and share your parking spaces

Short on parking space ? First ask yourself if you get the most out of your available parking capacity.

S-Mobility offers simple yet powerful tools to manage and share your parking spaces. It will help you to optimise parking space usage through the continuous measurement and analysis of its occupation and the improvement of your parking policies.


Regardless of the complexity of your parking needs and constrains, S-Mobility is your solution!


  • With S-Mobility, you can enforce a rigorous parking policy upon your workforce, but you can also let them organise their own parking reservations based on more loosely but intelligently assigned contingents to the various profiles of your workforce. S-Mobility will also make sure that they free up their reservation during holidays or business trips and it will help you deal with payroll and fiscal aspects of regional legislation. 
  • If your car park is big enough but under pressure during peak-hours, S-Mobility will assign the right amount of weekly or monthly credits to the various profiles of your workforce and let the price of your precious parking space depend on its occupation.
  • Is your parking capacity under pressure all the time, S-Mobility will encourage your workforce to carpool and find matching partners or alternatives such as nearby public car parks or public transport and – why not – the use of ‘co-sharing bikes or scooters' and reward them with extra credits or incentives in return.
  • S-Mobility also simplifies your visitor parking management. A reservation opportunity will be included in your invites and your visitors will receive a QR-code or optional Bluetooth signature to automatically enter your car park upon arrival. Your reception desk, security staff and visitor host will immediately receive all relevant details.
  • S-Mobility is fully multi-tenant and offers solutions for payments from and invoicing of your tenants.


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