Safe & Secure

Safe, secure and certified! 

Looking for a SAFE, SECURE & CERTIFIED way to dispose of your obsolete electronic and paper data carriers?

The SAFE & SECURE box is your solution! 

The Safe & Secure box is a co-creation of SERIS Logistics and Out Of Use, allowing companies and organisations to store their electronic and paper data carriers in a secure and sealed box and transport them to Out of Use. Where a certified and safely destruction takes place of the existing data on the storage media.

Based on a service level agreement between you as a customer and Out of Use, SERIS Logistics provides you with a box in the form of a tamper – proof Transport Case. You fill this box with your sensitive data and on the day of collection the SERIS Logistics driver records and seals the contents for transport.

During transport, the SERIS vehicle and your sensitive data will be monitored at all times by a Track & Trace system. After that Out Of Use will proceed to the destruction of your data carriers (electronic data wiping, mechanical perforation, degaussing, shredding).

In the case of electronic data wiping, out of 100 % of electronic waste 89.96% of secondary raw materials are created. Therefore "Safe & Secure” is also good for the environment. Finally you will receive a complete and GDPR compliant Data Destruction Certificate


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