SERIS Logistics and Out Of Use develop box to protect sensitive data

SERIS Logistics and Out Of Use develop box to protect sensitive data
December 2018


The focus on data protection which, since the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has arisen in many companies, considerably increased the demand for data destruction these past few months. To anticipate this increased demand, SERIS Logistics and processor Out Of Use developed a co-creation, namely the Safe & Secure Box.

This box offers organisations a solution for storing their documents and electronic data carriers in a secured way and to transport this to be subsequently destroyed. SERIS Logistics and Out Of Use offer the necessary guarantees and certificates, for the transport as well as for the software-based or mechanical data destruction.



“More and more companies are deciding to destroy their old data carriers,” says Mark Adriaenssens, manager of Out Of Use. “The GDPR has clearly led to a change of mentality where there is more of a focus on what happens to the data carriers at the end of their use. Over the past few years, Out Of Use has introduced several data destruction methods, ranging from software-based data wiping to mechanical perforation, degaussing or shredding. But due to the introduction of the GDPR we have noticed an increased concern among our customers,” says the manager.

“Not only do they want certainty about the destruction of the data, they also want more details of the whole process. For instance, the serial numbers of hard disks are now mostly indexed, we offer guarantees on data safety in the form of a comprehensive contract between us processors and the customer, and we installed surveillance cameras in our company. Because the transport of the data carriers remained an uncertain factor, we developed the Safe & Secure Box in co-creation with our partner Seris Logistics.”


“As asecurity group, ‘safe transportation’ is part of the core business of SERIS” explains Serge Nauwelaers, Division manager at SERIS Logistics.

“Due to our good customer relation with Out Of Use we soon found each other when coming up with this solution as part of the GDPR. In the Safe & Secure Box, companies can safely store their data carriers. When the box is full, it is sealed and transported to Out Of Use, where the agreed processing will take place. Each box has a unique number, unique strap seals and additional unique security labels for transport. During transport we work with a GDPR manifesto, a document that includes the specifications of the box and of the goods inside the box. Our vehicles are provided with a track and tracesystem, so the whole route is registered up to the Out Of Use workshop. If a violation does happen, then both SERIS and Out Of Use have taken out the necessary insurance. Our customers can therefore sleep soundly”, concludes Serge Nauwelaers.

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Picture: Mark Adriaenssens (left) & Serge Nauwelaers (right)

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