SERIS Monitoring is the first alarm center to obtain the T 020:2020-certificate

February 2022

Leader in alarm systems

This certificate gives our customers the guarantee that the highest requirements in terms of response times and equipment reliability have been met.

SERIS Monitoring sets the bar higher and higher

We always set the bar higher than the minimum requirements. Thus, we pursued at least the EN50518 standard where only the T 020:2008 standard was required. By anticipating the new norm requirements, we were able to quickly obtain the new Incert T 020:2020 certificate. Both the legal implementation decrees and their practical implementation were tested. For example, we had to demonstrate what the actual reaction times are after receipt of the alarm signal and how we anticipates this. In addition, the daily management and infrastructure are evaluated, how crisis situations are anticipated and how the control room is equipped to manage everything.

Our ultimate goal goes far beyond obtaining this certification. Already three years ago, we implemented a completely new certified Alarm Receiving Plaform, with a completely new receiving environment. From a software perspective, we anticipate to validate the received signals more effectively and thus to carry out the appropriate actions efficiently. We also closely follow the evolution of manufacturers and respond to the needs of the various installers, one of our main segments.

This certificate is a proof of the professionalism of SERIS Monitoring. We are proud to say that our company distinguishes itself in the alarm center sector.