Remote monitoring

Monitoring of alarm systems

Alarm and alarm system

In this day and age, we cannot longer do without an alarm system. But regardless whether it concerns a (private) burglary alarm, fire detection, HVAC, sprinkler, technical failure or security system, monitoring is necessary. Only then your alarm system will be truly useful.

Seris watches and secures. We offer a cleverly designed remote monitoring service that you may or may not combine with additional services. In this way, you will obtain the best possible formula for your specific situation. Our remote monitoring service is highly appreciated by companies, public authorities and residential customers.


Good agreements make good friends

As soon as your installer has connected the alarm system, our control centre immediately responds to every possible alarm. At that moment, we will have already discussed with you in great detail what the following steps should be. Depending on the type of alarm, contact persons, police and/or emergency services will be alerted.

Complementary to a remote monitoring contract, you can engage the services of a mobile security agent, either from SERIS Security, or from any other security company, who will come to the spot in the event of an alarm. Both indoor and outdoor inspections are possible here. More information on the intervention of a security agent can be found here.