Virtual patrols

Virtual patrols

What counts is the result

We think highly of virtual patrols realised through your camera installation. It is a very efficient solution to increase security on unmanned sites. They are a perfect alternative to existing static surveillance, multi-site surveillance and mobile inspection rounds. It goes without saying that a combination of both – partly real, partly virtual patrols – is perfectly possible and frequently applied.

Virtual rounds

Virtual rounds are executed according to standard procedures or tailored to your specific security situation and needs. As such, the term 'virtual rounds’ covers a wide range of applications and variations. The operator watches the images from your various on-site cameras according to an agreed upon frequency, at night, during weekends and/or on public holidays. Depending on the observations, the SERIS video room will initiate appropriate measures.  The rhythm and duration of these virtual patrols are determined to size and in consultation with the customer. These may differ depending on whether it is day or night or for weekends and public holidays.  SERIS Monitoring has a comprehensive range of CCTV formulas that give concrete, even measurable added value to each security pattern.

SERIS Monitoring runs a multi-protocol video platform and can receive images from the most commonly available video systems such as Milestone, Dahua, Hikvision, Sefica, Samsung, Sony, Vivotek, Mirasys, Genetec...