E-cloud Visitor Kiosk

E-cloud Visitor Kiosk

Facilitating and automating visitor management

This e-cloud application adds a new dimension to the visitor management concept. The kiosk facilitates and/or automates the reception of visitors and, if you wish, access security. The sophisticated device offers numerous benefits. The e-visitor kiosk is no less than a full-fledged overall solution covering every step of visitor flow management. Furthermore, the kiosk can be the solution for automating your logistic flow.

L'e-kiosque à visiteurs, pour faciliter et automatiser la gestion des visiteurs



  • Fully tailor-made overall solution
  • Can support or replace a receptionist and is operational on a 24/7 basis
  • You can invite and pre-register visitors online
  • These visitors are welcomed and registered at all times
  • Real-time follow-up of visitor status within the building, also upon an evacuation
  • Accurate reporting on the company’s visitor management.


Typical features of the e-cloud visitor kiosk:

  • Manages all entrances and exits simultaneously
  • Scans QR-codes or electronic IDs
  • Prints badges, both on paper and in plastic
  • Uses an interactive security scenario and is able to print security instructions
  • Is equipped with a mobile evacuation kit (tablet with list of visitors and scanner) for fast check-outs
  • SMS/mail notification upon the registration of a visitor
  • Is able to monitor the flow of visitors in real-time
  • Integrates Outlook and is also compatible with other calendar applications.


E-visitor management flow

You invite your visitor through the e-visitor kiosk. The visitor receives an invitation with QR code by mail. Upon his/her arrival, the visitor scans the QR-code at the kiosk (using a print-out or his/her smartphone). A badge is printed, together with the information needed to gain access to the building. The visitor can also register using the kiosk’s key panel. Once registration has been completed, the host or hostess receives a message that the visitor has arrived.

Upon his or her departure, the visitor checks out on-site using the e-visitor kiosk.

  1. You can invite visitors and ask for an online pre-registration.
  2. The kiosk welcomes visitors with an e-mail setting out the details of the engagement.
    1. Unique ID à QR-code
    2. Date/time/place/...
  3. On-site check-in at the kiosk
    1. QR-code scanning/log-in
    2. The kiosk can give more explanation on the security procedure through text or video; visitors can except (or skip)
    3. The visitor’s badge is printed
    4. You receive an SMS-message that the visitor has arrived indicating the relevant kiosk/reception
  4. On-site check-out at the e-visitor kiosk

L'e-kiosque à visiteurs, pour faciliter et automatiser la gestion des visiteurs