Mobile security

Proactive operation thanks to a personal presence

Organisations which want to protect their buildings effectively should ask themselves: Is an alarm system on its own enough? The answer: sometimes it is, but often it isn’t. What’s the point of investing in an alarm if no one responds to it?​

Mobile security includes the execution of (mostly regular) work such as opening tours, fire safety and closure tours, and inspection tours. These activities are designed to help our customers and ensure a location which is properly opened and closed and safe under all circumstances. Our mobile security officers are all certified guards. We have 65 vehicles and 150 trained officers. The officers are connected to our monitoring control room 24/7 so that we can respond adequately in the event of upheavals. 

Inspection tours - a tried and tested concept

Decades of security experience have shown that preventive checks at irregular times offer the best protection against intruders. The added value of this formula is beyond doubt.  

Do you want to sleep in peace?

Do you want maximum security for your premises when no one is there?

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